Gene Probe, Inc. has assumed further development, maintenance, and support for the GeneMark and GeneMark.hmm gene prediction software originally developed by the Georgia Institute of Technology. As these functions are not generally supported by academic units the Gene Probe Inc. mission has been to be a source and consulting resource for the community of molecular biologists working in comparative, functional and evolutionary genomics who are actively using the programs from GeneMark family. Certainly, it is to the Gene Probe credit that GeneMark and GeneMark.hmm are most frequently cited programs in GenBank. ( contunue to read about Gene Probe... )

Gene Probe Products
By Program By Organism
GeneMark Universal gene prediction program – predicts protein-coding regions, in genomes of any type.
MkMat Model building tool for GeneMark. Makes matrices from sample protein-coding and non-coding sequences selected by the user.
Prokaryotic GeneMark.hmm Predicts genes in prokaryotic genomes. Leaves less room for expert than GeneMark
GeneMarkS Self-training version of GeneMark.hmm for prokaryotic genomes.
Eukaryotic GeneMark.hmm Gene prediction program – predicts protein-coding regions in eukaryotic genomes. (exon-intron structures)
Custom models We can build models for a new eukaryotic genome, you name it.
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