Gene Probe, Inc. has assumed further development, maintenance, and support for the GeneMark and GeneMark.hmm gene prediction software originally developed by the Georgia Institute of Technology. As these functions are not generally supported by academic units the Gene Probe, Inc. mission has been to be a source and consulting resource for the community of molecular biologists working in comparative, functional and evolutionary genomics who are actively using the programs from GeneMark family. Certainly, it is to the Gene Probe credit that GeneMark and GeneMark.hmm are most frequently cited programs in GenBank.

Since August 1997, a number of improvements have been made to the documentation and installation of these programs. The programs now are available on CD-ROM for Linux, Solaris, Irix, and DEC/OSF Unix platforms and include standard UNIX manual pages and an HTML manual that is viewable with WWW browsers such as Netscape Navigatorâ„¢, or Microsoft's Internet Explorerâ„¢. The current and extensive collection of gene models for different species and several utilities facilitating the programs use are available as well. Further enhancements are ongoing.

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