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Installing GeneMark gm

Installing GeneMark from the CD-ROM for Solaris 2.x...

Note: You may install GeneMark as the root user. This is only necessary when you wish to install GeneMark in a location that is not usally writable by the user installing the software.

If you do not install the software as root, the software setup will fail if you attempt to install it in a directory that you do not have permission to wrie too.
  1. Insert GeneMark CD into CD-ROM drive.
  2. Login as root or another user with sufficient permission to access the CD and to install the program.

  3. If your system is running the vold service, type:
    cd /cdrom/cdrom0
    It may be necessary for users of vold to type ' volcheck cdrom' before changing directory to the CD-ROM. If you are not running vold, consult your system administrator for instructions on how to mount your CD-ROM drive. After the drive is mounted, change to the top-level directory on the CD-ROM (it contains the script ' setup').

  4. Run the setup script. Type:

  5. A menu will be displayed with options about where to install the program files. Follow the on-screen instructions.
    If you are installing the program as root, the default settings are probably good enough.
    If you are installing the program as a regular user, each directory specified must be writable by you. Make sure to use absolute path names (i.e., paths that begin with a ' /').
    Type ' I' to install the software or ' Q' to quit without installing anything. If you receive messages about ' catman' or ' windex' during the installation process, ignore them; it is normal.

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